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The “new way” to
English-speaking children

An effective, accessible method to achieve English fluency

  • Don’t waste time or money
  • Don’t throw away previous progress
  • Your children can still become English fluent!
  • Starting from elementary school isn’t too late.

English language acquisition requires
study hours

Did you know?

When Japanese students learn English, only 1,000 hours are spent establishing speaking fundamentals. 

About 3,000 hours are needed to become conversational, and 5,000 hours in an English environment needed to reach a bilingual level.

*According to research by Toronto University in Canada on education models to achieve bilingualism

How do you “secure” the necessary dedicated hours toward speaking English for your child?

Why can’t my child speak English even after years of:

  • Using high-quality English learning materials?
  • Enrolling at an English-targeted preschool or learning program?
  • Attending an English conversation school?

The answer: insufficient hours of English exposure.

But…isn’t the only way to speak English to:

  • Go to an international school?
  • Move to an English-speaking country?
  • Study abroad for a long time?

With SSUP, your child can receive their 3000 – 5000 hours of dedicated English exposure and become fluent by the time of high school graduation.

SSUP is an online school that gets young children speaking English, building them up to fluency

5 reasons why you should choose SSUP

You can “accessibly and effectively” guarantee the necessary 3000 – 5000 hours necessary for English language acquisition

With SSUP, you can dedicate 3000 – 5000 hours in an English environment and achieve fluency without needing to:

  • Go to an international school
  • Move abroad
  • Do long-term study abroad

You can learn Math or English in English, play games, or talk with teachers and friends.
SSUP constantly provides English exposure in an English-speaking environment in a fun and natural way.

With online classes, all of this is available at your fingertips. No time wasted for busy parents and children!

With monthly tuition 12,000 JPY – 24,000 JPY, our plans are effective and accessible for everyone

SSUP is not like international schools that only the wealthy can attend. Instead, SSUP removes barriers, offering an English-fostering environment that any child can access.

For example, with just a 12,000 JPY monthly plan, a student can speak English in a class 2x per week (total 8x per month) and in our “free space”’.

In addition, we devise lessons and study plans individualized for each student so every hour is a step toward fluency.

Maintaining English fluency acquired in a young age

Of course, using English study materials from a young age, or attending an English conversation school or preschool are worthwhile endeavors. We are grateful to parents who strove to give their children those opportunities.

“Our child can’t speak English at all,”
“They can only say vocabulary words,”
“They just mess around in English,” say many parents. However, being in an environment where your child has continuous exposure to English is a huge advantage.

Children have accumulated and stored English conversational phrases in their heads, steadily approaching the goal of speaking English.

SSUP leads its students down the effective path toward English fluency.

If you start in preschool or elementary school, English fluency can be gained excessively.

SSUP is best suited for 1st graders or preschoolers.

They can right away start on the most cost-effective way toward speaking English and the most accessible path toward English fluency.

Elementary 2nd and 3rd graders are also welcome to start learning with us. They can achieve English fluency by speaking English everyday or having short-term study abroad (not available in SSUP).

By understanding a child’s learning situation, learning becomes easier

With online classes, you can see your child’s efforts and growth.

You can ask any questions anytime through our app, and also individual support is provided, so you can be at ease.

We will provide solid support until high school graduation to ensure stable English proficiency.

At SSUP, our ‘shortcut’ is that all hours spent on English are put toward speaking English

SSUP makes English fluency fun

Learn something in English

SSUP students follow yearly curriculums just like students at international schools or abroad. All subjects (English and Math) are conducted in English.

English annual curriculum example (PDF)
Math annual curriculum example (PDF)

Classes are separated by level, so students have fun learning with classmates around their same level.

With online classes, students come from all over Japan (and in the near future, all over the world).


“Learn by playing” in the free space

Outside of scheduled class times, students

  • play games together
  • practice conversation with their teacher
  • talk with their friends.

Students can also participate in events (times TBD).

Students play together with their teachers, classmates, and friends, re-enforcing English skills in a seamless way.

Students are able to make new friends all over Japan (soon, the world) through SSUP.

Free space

You can talk to anyone anytime when you want to play or have questions.

You can freely move around the online campus.

Children can naturally develop communication skills in English through free play and social interaction.

We don’t just talk online.

We can also play games, read books, and come up with our own original games.

The teacher is always watching over students.

You can read over 40,000 picture books with the teacher.

There are various picture books available by level, so you can find your favorite picture book.

The teacher can also read aloud to students.

“Learn what you like” free environment

SSUP does not have any homework.

We provide a free environment where children can learn at their own pace and pursue their interests.

In an environment where “what you want to do” is always asked, children develop their English and autonomy.

Try out SSUP for free!

Does our classroom suit your child?
Do they enjoy learning English with us?
Are they comfortable learning online?
Come and decide for yourself!

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