Our lessons

Our lessons

You can secure the necessary 3000 – 5000 hours needed to speak English in SSUP


(learn in English)

2.Free Space

(learn by playing)

3.Free environment

(learn what interests you)

When Japanese students learn English, only 1,000 hours are spent establishing speaking fundamentals. About 3,000 hours are needed to become conversational, and 5,000 hours in an English environment needed to reach a bilingual level.

With SSUP, classes, Free Space and free environment are expertly combined. This means that a student attending a regular Japanese school can accumulate 3,000 – 5,000 hours in an English environment just by taking SSUP classes after school and become able to speak English by high school graduation.

With an early start from a preschool or the first grade, anyone can become bilingual.

Make English study fun and part of everyday life

1. Learn English “in English”

Starting from zero? That’s OK!

Like students at an international school or abroad, SSUP students follow a year-long curriculum with subjects (English or Math) all taught in English.

English annual curriculum (PDF)
Math annual curriculum (PDF)

At first, everyone starts at zero. We welcome all students to take their first step with us.

By giving individual attention to each student, we can minimize the resistance or difficulty that students may feel towards English.

Choose a subject and time slot that fits your child

You can choose math or English classes from twice a week (one subject) or four times a week (two subjects).

Game classes are by appointment only and can be selected from 10 times or 20 times a month.

Just like in school, the class day and time are fixed, and each student is assigned a dedicated teacher.

As SSUP is an online school, schoolmates will gather from all over Japan (and eventually from all over the world).

Lesson examples

2. “Learn by playing” Free Space

You can talk with us just by dropping by

Outside of scheduled class times, students play games together or just talk with teachers and their friends.
Students can also participate in events (times TBD).

Students seamlessly re-enforce English skills while playing together with their teachers and schoolmates.

Students can make new friends all over Japan (soon, the world) through SSUP.

Free Space

You can talk to anyone at any time when you want to play or have a question.

There are always teachers and staff around the school, so you can feel at ease.

Children naturally become friends as they talk to and are talked to by each other in the school.

Online communication is not just about talking.

You can play Minecraft, tag, and other games; how to play is up to you.

If you and your friend(s) are in sync, you can even high-five online.

You can also read over 40,000 books.

With a wide range of books from picture books to those for upper-grade students, you’ll surely find a book that you like.

Teachers also read books aloud together with students.

3. “Learn what you like” self-study environment

Interest and curiosity take top priority

There is no homework at SSUP because the first step to learning English is for children to do what they want and what is fun for them.

As interest and curiosity increase, English changes from a goal to a means, and becomes something that can be used subconsciously.

Creating ‘Fun’ together

At SSUP, we place a great emphasis on autonomy.

This is because without autonomy, freedom and fun cannot last long.

The children are always trying their best to make studying and playing more enjoyable.
Our role is to not stifle that creativity.

An effective, accessible method to continue until high school graduation

SSUP offers a main course (elementary 1st grade onwards) and a play course (pre-school onwards).

Play course (preschool onwards)

Natural English exposure through play

Supervised by teachers, students play games such as Minecraft and dress-up games. Through these games and the interactions, students learn English in a fun and casual way.

As their exposure to English increases, students can reach an appropriate level before the main course.

Individually book each class

Each class is 25 minutes and limited to 1 – 3 students. Students choose their desired day and time and can book each class.

The standard number of classes is 10 or 20 times per month, but you can start with a trial of 3 times per month until you get used to SSUP.

LessonFree SpaceTuition (including taxes)
3 times
Available for use on lesson days4,500Yen
10 timesAvailable for use on lesson days14,000Yen
20 timesAvailable for use on lesson days26,000Yen

No admission fee, no textbook fees, and no other fees apart from monthly tuition

Main course (elementary 1st grade onwards)

Learning English and Math in English

We use online materials from abroad for all subjects.

For English subjects, we use ESL materials for beginners.

You can choose one subject (English OR Math) or two subjects (English AND Math).

You can choose a day of the week and a time slot

If you choose ONE subject, you can select one option from (1) to (3).
If you choose TWO subjects, you can select two options from (1) to (3).
(1)Tuesdays and Thursdays
(2)Wednesdays and Fridays
(3) Saturdays (two time slots)

You can choose from the following time slots:

We will guide you to the most suitable class while inquiring about your desired day and time.

LessonFree SpaceTuition (including taxes)
one subjectUnlimited20,000Yen
two subjectsUnlimited32,000Yen

No registration fees, no additional costs for learning materials. Pay nothing besides the monthly tuition.

Plans and subjects can be changed every month

Classes can be increased or decreased in order to fit around exam periods, club activities, vacations or study plan changes. This way, students can easily continue their studies up to high school graduation with no interruption.

At first, students start with one subject. If the child is a good fit for SSUP classes, two subjects are recommended.

For elementary school when people can improve their English most efficiently, we recommend taking two subjects, but for junior high and high school, the main focus becomes maintaining their English, so they may be able to reduce the number of subjects to one and keep the monthly tuition fees low.

An optimum study plan for each child

SSUP is best suited for elementary 1st graders or kindergarteners.
You can right away start on the most cost-effective way toward speaking English and the most accessible path toward English fluency.

Elementary 2nd and 3rd graders are also welcome to start learning with us. 

Students can boost their language skills by combining SSUP with short-term study abroad programs.

We will design the most appropriate study plan for each student based on their:

  • age
  • goals
  • English learning background

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